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Utilizing Heating Repair Service to Help Prepare Your HVAC System for Holiday Season

Preparing Your HVAC System For The Holiday Season

There is a lot to get ready for with the holidays quickly approaching! While we should wait to start decorating, you can start getting ready by ensuring your HVAC system is prepared for the upcoming season. Many of us host a large number of visitors. Therefore an HVAC malfunction during one of these gatherings would be really disappointing! To avoid this, prepare your HVAC system early this holiday by hiring a heating repair service.

Check Your Filter and Replace It When Necessary

Before the holidays, make sure to check your filter. Now is a good time to replace it if it has been a while since it was cleaned or replaced. Doing this can prevent dust from blocking vents and impairing airflow through your system.

It’s time to schedule an HVAC repair if you’ve recently noticed system issues, such as short cycling or prolonged running times. Due to the high costs of servicing their unit during this busy holiday season, many people will need to call. However, delaying could result in future repairs that are even more expensive.

Clean Vents and Registers

Cleaning vents and registers are one of the best ways to increase airflow through your system. Depending on their material, you can do this with a vacuum cleaner or a duster. Keep an eye out for dust and other debris, and clean them as necessary.

Run an Energy Audit to Save Money

Before the holidays, an energy audit must be conducted. This is a fantastic strategy to ensure that your system is prepared for this time of year and can even let you reduce your future expenses! The amount of insulation you have installed and any areas of the home where air leaks are occurring will be noted by HVAC contractors.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat is a great way to cut your energy costs. According to Energy Star, a programmable thermostat can save homeowners up to $100 annually. When you are not home or while you are asleep, you can program it to turn off or lower the temperature. This will prevent energy waste and unnecessary system operation.

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